Psych Central Guest Blog

The website has guest published one of my blog entries. Also, this website has a wealth of topics relating to mental health to explore!


2 thoughts on “Psych Central Guest Blog

  1. I read where the person named “Curious,” questioned why you said their question was inappropriate. That is such a wonderful exampled to me of the stigma faced by our dis-eases being brought out and talked about.
    I didnt think the question was an inquisitive one as much as an accusatory one. One of the reasons we face stigma is that everyone assumes that the disorders we have is something caused by some “thing,” being “wrong,” with us. No one wants to look at the fact that this may be something that is being contributed to in a large way by the culture that “we,” have to live in. Thanks again

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    • You make an excellent point. From my perspective, it was inappropriate. When one first sees a colleague after having a child, the first questions should not be invasive medical and genetic prodding. It was, at it essence, inappropriate. But, with mental illness, stigma often negates privacy and erases the status of the person living with the disorder. I, too, found it an interesting question from” “curious”.
      Best to you, Karren


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