Time to Simply Be

The gifts are wrapped, my toddler is wearing his Christmas Eve pajamas (there are other pajamas for Christmas day), the food is purchased, my plans for assembling his big toys tonight after he goes to bed for the morning surprise are in place… Ultimately, my son’s second Christmas is coming together.

I have mentioned previously that I made a promise to myself at an early age to create a holiday experience for my own child that was different than my own childhood experience. It had to do with creating something special. More importantly, it had to do with creating a festive environment and making the effort for my child to know he is special. It is not the size or value of the gift, it is the consideration as a parent to make the child aware that their experience is valued. For myself, that was never communicated.

This is not always easy. With my diagnosis, some days are not given to festive creation. But, every little thing adds to the atmosphere… such as singing Christmas carols to my toddler in the grocery store the other day as we zipped through the aisles. The smile on his face as he sang in his toddler-ese was evidence of the festivity spreading.

But, now it is Christmas Eve. Time to just calm down and be. Time to enjoy the moments. He will never get another childhood. I will never have him at just under twenty months old reveling in the amazing fun of ripping paper to find a new toy.

It is time to simply be.

Happy holidays to one and all… may you find that time to simply be.