Purring Mania

This past Thanksgiving was an anniversary for one of my cats. One year prior, during Thanksgiving weekend, I purchased her during a manic shopping episode at Pets Mart.

My aunt and I had went to Pets Mart to buy cat litter, after having stayed up all night shopping the night before, and were just going to “visit” the adoptable cats. Next thing, I am filling out paperwork, have named the selected cat a special Swedish name, and have even ran to an ATM and back to ensure I had the cash for the adoption fee. At this point, insert the cat in to a box carrier and buy some kitty goodies, and I have a new manic purchase. It even purrs.

When we arrived home, my husband walked into the garage and heard the yowling while I was talking very fast to explain the situation. He just shook his head and said, “but, you took your meds!”

Now, one year later, we have a very well fed, chubby, and soft kitty named Mancha. (My mania bestowed Swedish name was changed.) And this past Thanksgiving reminded me of staying up for several days without sleeping, agitation, extreme excitement, sweating, racing thoughts that I could not catch, and my Mancha.

My husband was also right. I had taken my meds. In fact, we were having out of town visitors and I knew that staying routine on my medications was of utmost importance. But, the brain chemistry can override the medication. The medication is vital and helps, but anything can happen. Mancha is my furry and purring reminder of that fact. And, I think having her as a reminder is important… for a few reasons.

First, she reminds me that I do need to take my medication. While my brain may of overridden the medication in her case, I fear how many cats I would have with no medication. Ultimately, how would my impulses rule me? I am responsible for a little boy, so let’s not push that button.

Second, she is also a gentle reminder that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Yes, she was not intended to come home with me. And rationally, another pet should have been a family decision. But, she is a sweet reminder that when things go sideways, sometimes you just have to make the best. I can say she is a sweet fit in my family with a soft spot for my son.

So, happy anniversary, Mancha! Thank you for being my reminder. And thank you for the last year’s worth of purrs.